MapIt! … Google Maps on steroids


At MapIt our philosophy is simple … to provide a better, more logical search tool for company directories/listings, events, attractions and local deals.


Using our proprietary program and once installed MapIt allows your viewers to search for what they’re looking for quickly, easily, logically and eliminating the need for multiple “drill downs”.


Many businesses provide company directories or listings, but these are rarely laid out in a helpful manner. MapIt’s solution offers a more visual and logical way to search using Google Maps as the foundation for this process. Plus MapIt’s technology provides businesses with a brand new revenue generating source.


MapIt allows businesses to present any number of listings, whether 10, 100, 10,000 or 100,000 listings, using a map. Our proprietary program runs all necessary information which includes, web links, images, flash files and even video footage.


And no, it’s NOT just Google Maps … it’s so much more!