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About MapIt

It’s not just Google Maps … it’s so much more!

Our philosophy is simple … to provide a better search tool for event listings, company directories, local attractions and special offers.

MapIt allows your viewers to search for what they’re looking for quickly, easily, logically, eliminating the need for multiple “drill downs”.

Many businesses provide company directories or listings, but these are rarely presented in a succinct helpful manner. MapIt’s solution offers a more visual and logical way to search using Google Maps as the foundation for this process, plus MapIt’s technology provides businesses with a brand new revenue generating source.

MapIt allows businesses to present any number of listings, whether 10 or 100,000 listings, using a map. Our program runs all necessary information which includes, web links, videos, images and coupons.

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Our Benefits


A better search tool for your visitors which generates revenue for your business.

Customized Maps


Control Your Map's Customization

MapIt's development team can help you to create any type of interactive geographical map
  • Include special profile features like videos, coupons, animations
  • Develop end-user administration capabilities
  • Ease of control and administration of your own customized system

Revenue Generation


Make Your Directory Work for You

The MapIt platform can be used in many ways, one benefit MapIt offers is the revenue generating capabilities it provides through custom controlled advertising. Whether end-user enhanced profiles or title sponsor advertising, there are several ways to use the revenue generating features any of the MapIt platforms offer.

Ease of Use

End-User Control

Give Your Customers Control

Whether using the tool to conduct a search or using it as an end-user to administer their profile, MapIt's platform has been designed for ease of use.
  • Easy searching
  • Ticker helps highlight and feature certain listings
  • User's ease-of-use in administering their own profile

What We Do


Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in anim id est laborum.

  • Programming / Development
  • Json / jQuery / Angular
  • CSS / PHP
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Map Developement

We can help you to develop the Map of choice and what you need

  • Research / Design Development
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
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Map Design

Our design team can help you to develop any kind of mapping platform your seeking

  • Map Branding Development
  • Brand User Experience (UX)
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Map Branding

We can help develop the appropriate map branding, either integrating with a current brand or developing a new brand identity

  • iOS (MAC) Development
  • Android Development
  • Store Deployments
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Mobile Map Apps

With the upcoming launch of the MapIt mobile app, we have the iOS and Android skills to take your custom map wherever you want it to go

Want More Information?



By incorporating MapIt! into your web site there are numerous benefits you will gain from the features on offer, the top 2 include a better search tool for your visitors and revenue generated for your business. Here are just a few more benefits.

  • Unlimited Numbers of Listings
  • Logical Directory Search
  • Multiple listing types (i.e. events, Biz’s, Attractions, Jobs)

Incorporate into other sites
Full control of all map data
Adaptability for modifications
Client control of MapIt platform
Eliminates old-style web listing formats

Key Features

Client Control

End-user ease of use




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